Brad Marchand Uncertain About Embracing Latest Nickname, But ‘Brat’ May Catch On After Two-Goal Night


Brad Marchand Uncertain About Embracing Latest Nickname, But 'Brat' May Catch On After Two-Goal NightBOSTON — Brad Marchand is a man of many names.

Not all get the Marchand stamp of approval though. "Nose-Face Killah?" That one's a keeper. "Marshmont?" Not so much.

On Tuesday, Bruins coach Claude Julien inadvertently added a new nickname to the lexicon, noting after the pregame skate that he wants Marchand "to be a good brat, not a bad brat."

So where does "Da Brat" fit on the Marchand-o-meter?

"I don't know yet," Marchand said after scoring a pair of goals in Tuesday night's 3-0 victory over Los Angeles at the Garden.

"There's a lot of nicknames that are coming out of nowhere right now," Marchand added. "It's just another one on the list."

Marchand insists he doesn't know why people are so inspired to come up with different nicknames for him, but he doesn't mind most of them.

"I don't know, they seem to keep coming," Marchand said. "I think people enjoy making up nicknames. It's always a good little laugh about it, especially if you embrace one or two. People like to take credit for it, so it's fun."

Marchand isn't sure about being called a brat, but he did add "honey badger" to the list of don'ts, even if it was teammate Andrew Ference who first used the ferocious little critter to describe Boston's resident agitator during last year's playoff run, though apparently not to Marchand's face.

"That's stupid," Marchand said of the "honey badger" moniker. "Was that Ference? He's never called me that before. He's just pulling stuff out of his butt."

Marchand prefers a different body part, gladly embracing the "Nose-Face Killah" nickname that celebrates his signature schnoz. He proudly wears T-shirts emblazoned with that phrase around the locker room.

So is making it onto a T-shirt the ultimate endorsement of one of his nicknames?

"Exactly," Marchand said with a smile.

Supporters of the brat, your task is clear.

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