If the latest rumor is true, Kevin Youkilis is going to be Tom Brady‘s brother-in-law.

According to the Boston Herald, Youkilis “recently” proposed to Tom Brady’s sister, Julie. The two reportedly met at Patriot Place in January of last year, on the night of the Pats playoff loss to the Jets. The two were reportedly at the Super Bowl together, cheering Tom and the Pats on from inside the Brady suite at Lucas Oil Stadium.

And yes, that makes Gisele Bundchen the Sox slugger’s soon-to-be sister-in-law.

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Is having Gisele as your sister-in-law a good thing or a bad thing?

Kevin Youkilis Reportedly Engaged to Tom Brady's Sister Julie

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 “Enough of this, that’s my personal life and it has nothing to do with hockey or the Boston Bruins and I’m not going to address it. You guys can keep asking. You can do this every day. From now on, first question I get about it every day, I’m done interviewing for that day.”
–Tim Thomas, responding to the media regarding his Facebook comments 

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Amen, brother.

Kevin Youkilis Reportedly Engaged to Tom Brady's Sister Julie

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I’ll give someone $20 if they get spotted by the NESN cameras wearing just these to the Sox home opener.