Tempura Mac and Cheese Earns Title of ‘America’s Best Drunk College Food’ Among NCAA Tournament Teams


If you're reading this, you're probably not a college student. 

That's because this week is the perfect storm for those lucky enough to still be in college, as it's the week that just so happens to combine spring break (for most schools), the NCAA tournament and St. Patrick's Day all in one little week on the calendar.

That means that the week is filled with booze, college hoops, probably some sun and some more booze. All that drinking, ray-catching and bracket-checking will create some real nagging hunger pangs, though. No worry, however, EndlessSimmer.com comes to the rescue.

For the second straight year, the food website has unveiled its rank of "America's Best Drunk College Food," featuring one dish from the area of every NCAA tournament team that goes best after a beer or 15.

So what made the list?

Tempura Mac and Cheese, representing the University of California, took home the top spot. A specialty of Sumo Grub in Berkeley, the deep-fried mac and cheese wins the top prize. That's only where things begin, though, as dishes like Fat Doobie, Heart Attack Puffs, the Gut Box and the Certifiable Crazy Burger all find themselves on the list.

Harvard was represented on the list at No. 47 as the Falafel Corner in Cambridge got a little love for the Falafel Corner Super Combo made the list.

"Only at the Iviest of Ivies could the 2:30 a.m. drunk food of choice involve multiple items made from ground chickpeas," writes the EndlessSimmer. "But it comes in a Styrofoam container and it is piled sky-high, so it counts."

With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that the Crimson fell to Vanderbilt on Thursday afternoon. After all, the Commodores are represented by the Barnyard Dog – hot dog topped with pulled pork, BBQ sauce and creamy coleslaw.

Anyone will tell you that you never bet against hot dog topped with pulled pork, BBQ sauce and creamy coleslaw this time of the year.

Photo of the Day

Checking in at No. 29, Ohio State has the Fat Carnie. Wonder how they came up with that name…

Tempura Mac and Cheese Earns Title of 'America's Best Drunk College Food' Among NCAA Tournament Teams

Photo via My Fisher Grad Life

Quote of the Day

"The out of bounds is not reviewable and it is not a play we would discuss. I'm not going to comment further because it is a judgment call. It was a clear (lane) violation. The player released early, before the ball hit the rim. We've since watched the replay 20 times and it was the right call."
–Ed Corbett, one of the officials in the UNC-Asheville verus Syracuse game, tries to explain the questionable calls late in the Orange's narrow win over the Bulldogs.

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Let's keep it that way.

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Happy St. Patrick's Day, now somebody get this kid some Heart Attack Puffs!

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