Tyler Seguin has upped his game this season thanks in large part to improved play in his own zone and more willingness to go into the dirty areas of the rink to get the puck.

On Wednesday night, however, Seguin wanted no part of any contact at the Garden.

Of course, the young forward wasn’t at the Garden skating on the ice for the Bruins. Instead, he was courtside as the Celtics took on the Utah Jazz. 

Seguin almost had to take the body to protect his well being in the second half as Jazz guard Alec Burks almost fell into the front row as he tried to save a ball from going out of bounds.

Anyone else would have the same exact reaction as Seguin, but unfortunately for him, he’s a professional athlete, and thus, the camera found him.

See the AP photo below.

Tyler Seguin Narrowly Avoids Danger While Sitting in Front Row at Celtics Game (Photo)