Los Angeles Kings Continue Comedic Rampage, Burn Conan O’Brien on Twitter


Los Angeles Kings Continue Comedic Rampage, Burn Conan O'Brien on TwitterThe Los Angeles Kings have been busy on social media and the Internet as of late — whether patting themselves on the back for knocking out the Vancouver Canucks in the NHL playoffs, displaying their "spoils of war" from defeated playoff opponents, or helpfully pointing out the myriad differences between themselves and the NBA's Sacramento Kings.

Now, however, they've moved on to bigger things — mixing it up with comedian and talk show host Conan O'Brien.

O'Brien tweeted a joke on May 25 — three days after the Western Conference finals between the Kings and Coyotes had ended — wondering which city (Los Angeles or Phoenix) that "shouldn't have a hockey team" would win. The Kings' Twitter account fired back with a tweet shortly after that read "Clearly, that joke wasn't meant for primetime," a knock on O'Brien's late night career, according to Sportsgrid.com.

O'Brien scrambled to do damage control, claiming that he was watching the series on DVR and joking that he knew two obviously retired players would be leading the team to victory. The Kings' account did not respond.

The Kings weren't easy prey on the ice, and it appears they're not taking it on Twitter, either.

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