David Ortiz’s Rant Against Media In Line With Big Papi’s Character, Team’s Changing Climate

by abournenesn

June 22, 2012

David Ortiz's Rant Against Media In Line With Big Papi's Character, Team's Changing ClimateOn Wednesday night's pre-game show, we spent a segment talking about the impressive leadership David Ortiz had shown in recent days.

In that night's post-game show, we talked about the possibility of Ortiz becoming the first primary designated hitter to win the MVP award.

On Thursday we spent most of the show talking about Big Papi's unhappiness playing in Boston.

"I'm just tired of dealing with the drama here," Ortiz told reporters in the clubhouse. "This is baseball, man. It seems like everything that goes on around here is like one of those Congress decisions that will affect the whole nation. It ain't like that, man. This is baseball. We're supposed to have fun, to have our performance out there at the highest level. Every day is something new, some drama, some more [expletive]. I'm tired of that, man."

Ortiz sounded tired when he said it. He certainly didn't sound like the man that was chuckling with Jenny Dell during a walk-off interview following Wednesday night's win. Or the man who talked about his leadership role in the wake of written reports that the Boston clubhouse was "toxic."

No, this sounded like the David Ortiz who blew his top over a perceived lack of respect earlier this season. The player who told ESPN.com's Gordon Edes "basically, it seems like no matter what you do, it's not good enough."

It also sounded like the David Ortiz who complained about not having his contract extended this off-season.

In other words, we've heard similar rants from Big Papi in the past. He has always been honest with the media, has always said what's on his mind. It has put him in the midst of past controversies, but he has always weathered the storm.

Thursday's display of unhappiness was no pre-meditated message. He didn't show up at the ballpark planning to tell the media he was tired of the [expletive] he gets from reporters every afternoon.

This was simply David answering questions about having fun or not, about what it's like in the Boston clubhouse these days.

For most of Big Papi's Red Sox career, he has played on a team that was adored by fans and treated well by the media. The 2004 and 2007 championships changed the way we viewed this club, and the way it was covered by reporters.

All of that changed last September. A late season collapse and off-season housecleaning left a bad aftertaste in the mouths of Red Sox Nation. This year's team is still answering for that collapse, living in the shadows of an out-of-control clubhouse.

Winning is the only cure for what ails the Red Sox. They need to keep winning series, keep moving up the standings. Boston, like any other city, is an easier place to play when you're winning.

Ortiz knows that. And that's no [expletive].

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