LeBron James Makes Everyone Fall All Over Themselves After Finally Winning NBA Title


He did it. He finally did it.

The NBA record book may indicate that the Miami Heat are the 2012 champions, but really, this is all about LeBron James. The oft-embattled forward, sports' biggest lightning rod, finally reached the peak of the mountain on Thursday night when Miami knocked the tar out of the Thunder to win the title.

We can talk about it all, and we will over the next few days and weeks. We can talk about the fact that Dwyane Wade accepted the role as James' sidekick to help him reach the ultimate goal. We can talk about Erik Spoelstra's vindication by getting a ring as a head coach after nearly two decades on South Beach. We can even talk about Pat Riley, although that kind of seems like a waste of oxygen and/or print.

Yet, the narrative will also circle back to one thing: LeBron James.

That much was evident in the immediate hours after the final horn, with writers and pundits across the nation penning and pontificating their thoughts about James' first title.

This, from noted LeBron critic, Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski:

"He had cut it in a way that no one ever did, prodigy to MVP, sporting villain to disgraced loser, and finally, to champion. Ultimately, James hadn't come to see his title moment through the prism of those before him ? not Michael, not Kobe, not Magic, not Larry ? no one. His talent, his jagged journey, his own struggle has been most unique. When it was over on Thursday night, LeBron James knew this delicious, indisputable truth: His NBA championship stands on its own, stands forever now."

ESPN's Brian Windhorst:

"The past two months haven't been a coronation for the new Finals MVP as much as they've been an acquittal. That's what everything has been about for James since he decided to sign in Miami and then chased that with an end to last season that legitimately shamed him. Not all of it can be washed away with beer and champagne, but James was willing to try."

SI.com's Michael Rosenberg:

"Oh no. Not that again. For now, let them just enjoy the trophy they have, the smell of Champagne and beer and success. Let LeBron James have his moment with his closest friends — trophy in his hands, weight off his mind. He was a long way from Akron, a longer way from Cleveland, and emotionally, an even longer way from the Bahamas. But he was home."

LeBron James:

"It's about damn time."

Congrats, LeBron. You have your title. Now get working on not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven…

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LeBron James Makes Everyone Fall All Over Themselves After Finally Winning NBA Title

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