Rob Gronkowski Makes Debut on Dating Show ‘The Choice,’ Labeled a ‘Frat Boy’ by One Contestant (Video)


Rob Gronkowski has been laying low as of late after a string of postseason parties.

The Patriots tight end has stayed out of the limelight as the season approaches while he continues to rehab his injured ankle. However, he was back on center stage on Thursday night.

Gronkowski appeared on FOX’s The Choice, a dating show that allows celebrities (who really don’t need help finding dates come to think of it) to choose from a bevy of attractive members of the opposite sex. The rules actually seem kind of complicated, especially for sports fans who, you know, have better things to do than watch a dating show featuring the likes of “reality star” Rob Kardashian or everyone’s favorite TV Superman, Dean Cain.

However, pretty much anything Gronkowski does these days is news, so here we are. The Patriots tight end was his goofy self in his debut on the show as well.

The premise of the show is that the celebrities choose who they’d like to get to know better, but they have to make that choice without seeing the suitors. A group of four celebrities hears the suitor’s best “pitch,” and then pulls the “love handle” to spin their chairs around to see the actual suitor. If more than one pulls the love handle, then the suitor must choose between the celebrities that pull the handle.

Each celeb gets three suitors. That list is eventually knocked down to two. After some speed dating, the celebrity is left to choose one to take on a date.

Again, it’s way too complicated.

Anyway, Gronkowski ended up choosing a woman named Elle. According to My Fox Boston, one of the woman that Gronk opted not to choose apparently felt a little jaded, calling the tight end a “frat boy” and declaring she no longer liked him after hearing him speak.

Go figure.

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Rob Gronkowski Makes Debut on Dating Show 'The Choice,' Labeled a 'Frat Boy' by One Contestant (Video)

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