The Bikini Basketball League is not getting off to the start that it probably hoped for. While it might be true that no publicity is bad publicity, the league is back in the news again with the spector of legal troubles already bearing down on the fledgling organization.

The Miami franchise in the BBL, the Spice, are in trouble after the Internet noticed that the team's logo looked an awful lot like the logo once used — and still owned — by the Seattle SuperSonics. The Spice have since updated their logo and done a good job of scrubbing the evidence of their old one, but one look is all you need to convince yourself that yes, that old one is suspiciously similar.

Check it out for yourself with the two logos side-by-side.

Bikini Basketball League's Miami Spice Franchise Comes Under Fire for Copying Seattle SuperSonics Logo (Photos)

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Spice logo via Twitter/@SpiceMiami, SuperSonics via Facebook/SeattleSonics