Carmelo Anthony Says There’s Nothing ‘Left Over’ With Kevin Garnett, Should Be ‘Fun Game’ Against Celtics

Carmelo Anthony, J.R. Smith, Jason TerryCarmelo Anthony is expecting some fun. Has anyone checked to see what Kevin Garnett plans on bringing Thursday night?

In their first game since Garnett got Anthony all worked up to the point of chasing him to the locker room and team bus after the game, the Knicks and Celtics will be facing each other Thursday night in Boston. But Anthony says he’s not expecting anything to spill over from that first meeting.

“It’ll be fun,” Anthony told the New York Daily News. “It’ll be a hostile environment, and I’m expecting that. … From us, I mean, on my end, there’s nothing left over. It’s just another game that’s on the schedule. It just so happens that we play the Celtics on their home court. As far as anything being left over, this is a new ballgame for us.”

What got under Anthony’s skin last time was Garnett’s trash talk. While it’s not unusual for Garnett to taunt opponents during game, his references that time — allegedly about Anthony’s wife — went over the line in Anthony’s mind.

Anthony said that his main focus Thursday, though, will be on avenging the loss. He admitted he was distracted during the previous game, and getting a win on the Celtics’ home court was all he was talking about before the rematch.

That may be what he says now, but considering Garnett’s ability to find creative ways to throw players off their games, nothing is guaranteed.