Shane VictorinoDustin Pedroia reportedly confirmed that he won’t be participating in this year’s World Baseball Classic, which has been met with disappointment from some and relief from others.

Pedroia, who is coming off a down season by his standards, was slated to represent Team USA in 2009, but he strained his oblique muscle while doing drills before a game. That, along with various injuries suffered to his fingers, is likely a big reason why the Red Sox second baseman opted to sit this one out.

Those in the Red Sox organization might be happy with this decision, as they saw Daisuke Matsuzaka seemingly wear himself down a bit during the 2009 tournament, but some Boston fans would probably like to see their guys play on the big stage — it’s similar to watching Bruins players lace up the skates in the Olympics.

All in all, however, there’s two sides to the added workload that comes with a WBC appearance. While some will insist it helps certain players get game ready — as a result of the preparation and competitiveness — before the start of the MLB season, others think the injury risk is far too high. After all, more games means more chances to develop some sort of ailment, and the extra work could cause players to wear down at some point during a 162-game big league slate.

So, Red Sox fans, what side of the fence are you on? Do you enjoy watching the hometown heroes put on a show for the rest of the world, or you would you prefer they all take a pass like Pedroia?

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