NHL Minimalist Design Basically Wants to Make All the Cool Logos Into Clip-Art (Photo)

by NESN Staff

March 12, 2013

Graphic design, like history, tends to go through stages. One such stage is the revisionist era, where everything done before is pulled back, stripped down and presented in its most simplistic glory.

That’s what one graphic designer has tried to do with the NHL’s team logos — except, in this case, maybe there’s something to be said for the current team logos in all their complicated glory. While several revisions in recent years have done well to pull back some of the more adventurous messes to grace the league’s sweaters, this stab at trimming the teams’ logos may just steal the spirit of the game, too.

In the redesign, the Bruins’ classic B-spoked wheel gets culled down to a generic B. The Hurricanes are nothing more than what could also pass as a symbol for a dryer. A patch of evergreens, what looks like a striped guitar pick and a nice variety of stars fill out some of the other team’s logos.

Now, no one is suggesting that the NHL replace its legendary logos, and these simplistic versions could certainly be of use to various teams. But if fans ever start getting worked up about the state of their team’s logos, they should be happy that the NHL’s recovery from this sort of thing didn’t involve going in completely the other direction.

Check out the simplified versions, a la original clip art, in the image below.

NHL logos

Photo via Facebook/Segments Design

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