Amare Stoudemire Guarantees Knicks Victory Over Celtics in First-Round Playoff Series


Amare StoudemireAmare Stoudemire might not play against the Celtics in the first round of the NBA playoffs, but he appears to have supreme confidence in the rest of his teammates.

So much so, that he’s guaranteeing victory for the Knicks.

“We’re going to win that first round for sure,” the Knicks forward said Thursday during a screening of his upcoming documentary. “Obviously, as we all know, with the Celtics, you can never underestimate those guys. We’ve got to definitely come to play every game, and bring that focus and determination every single night. I have high confidence in what we can do.”

Stoudemire, who averaged 14.2 points per game this year while missing significant time, does not have a timetable for a return from a right knee injury. He said to “Stay tuned,” when pressed for more information about his rehab progress.

Celtics fans are certain to do just that.

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