Fallon Fox Called ‘Disgusting Freak’ by UFC Fighter Matt Mitrione, Who Is Suspended

by NESN Staff

April 10, 2013

Fallon FoxWhile public opinion continues to sway on other gay rights issues, transgender individuals are still often misunderstood or discriminated against. That being said, as UFC’s only transgender individual, it figures that Fallon Fox‘s presence would invite some controversy.

On Monday, UFC fighter Matt Mitrione called Fox, who was born a man, a “disgusting freak” on The MMA Show. Mitrione, a former defensive tackle with the New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings, was promptly suspended by UFC, reports CNN. The 34-year-old also made light of singer’s Chris Brown‘s domestic abuse of then-girlfriend Rihanna.

“I have not seen a man beat a woman like that since Chris Brown beat Rihanna,” said Mitrione. “That is a lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak. And I mean that. Because you lied on your license to beat up women. That’s disgusting. You should be embarrassed yourself.”

Fox has attracted some criticism for not revealing her former identify before beginning to fight professionally. UFC released a statement after suspending Mitrione, condemning his comments.

“The UFC was appalled by the transphobic comments made by heavyweight Matt Mitrione [Monday] in an interview on The MMA Hour,” reads the release. “The organization finds Mr. Mitrione’s comments offensive and wholly unacceptable and — as a direct result of this significant breach of the UFC’s code of conduct — Mr. Mitrione’s UFC contract has been suspended and the incident is being investigated.

“The UFC is a friend and ally of the LGBT community, and expects and requires all 450 of its athletes to treat others with dignity and respect.”

Photo via Facebook/Fallon Fox (official)

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