OK. You are way too fired up, lady.

And the dude with you at the game? He can chill out, too.

Miami Heat fans got a new embarrassing photo that critics will likely add to their “that’s so a Miami Heat fan” montage Wednesday night during a chippy Game 2 of the Heat’s second-round series with the Bulls. Miami had the game well in hand, eventually winning 115-78, but not before nine technical fouls were assessed, including the ejection of Chicago’s Taj Gibson and Joakim Noah.

It was Noah’s ouster that got one Miami fan really worked up. As Noah walked from the court, she unleashed the bird (no, not Chris Andersen) right in his personal space while clutching her purse with her other hand. Her buddy also did a pretty good job contorting his face in epic fashion.

Perhaps the star of the show, however, is that security guard. John Thompson Jr., anyone?

Check out a classic moment in the photo below.

Miami Heat

Photo via Twitter/@HPbasketball