Report: Allen Iverson Accused of Abducting Own Children, Keeping Them at Hotel in Georgia

by abournenesn

Jun 17, 2013

Allen IversonThe sad story of Allen Iverson may be getting even more depressing.

Although the former Philadelphia 76ers star had an impressive career that earned him millions upon millions of dollars, nowadays he’s basically broke. There were also stories about Iverson being negligent towards his children (including one where he left them at a hotel during a trip to a water park), and he has reportedly missed every single child-support payment due his ex-wife, Tawanna Iverson.

Now, Allen is being accused by his ex of kidnapping his children, who range from ages 3 to 16, TMZ reports.

Tawanna has filed papers with the court, claiming that Allen said he was taking the children on a vacation to North Carolina and agreed to bring them back May 26. However, when that date rolled around the children were not returned, and Tawanna has not seen them since.

According to the report, Tawanna tried to set up an exchange with Allen on June 4, but he did not show up as promised. Tawanna, who has sole custody of the children, believes they were never actually taken to North Carolina, but are at a hotel in Georgia.

Tawanna says she’s also concerned about the fact that Allen is an alcoholic, who drinks around the children.

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