49ers’ New Stadium Will Feature App That Gives Live Updates on Beer, Bathroom Lines


michael crabtreeThe San Francisco 49ers are one of the most exciting teams to watch in the NFL. Some might even think of their games as must-see action. Apparently, the 49ers agree, as they are taking serious measures to keep fans in their seats.

The 49ers’ new stadium will feature an app that will provide live updates on the length of bathroom and beer lines for patrons at the game, according to Rand Getlin of Yahoo! Sports. The app will also allow fans to play replays of the game action from multiple angles, as well as the ability to stream NFL RedZone to a device via the stadium’s WiFi.

But the convenience doesn’t stop there. The team is also currently working on a beer delivery system that would allow fans to have their beverage of choice personally delivered to their seat.

Beer delivery, NFL RedZone and game replays. Somewhere in the Bay, the nosebleed season-ticket holders are rejoicing.

Photo of the night:

The Odens, by Nike. Available at a medical center near you.

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Photo via The Onion

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Quite the welcoming committee at Gillette Stadium.

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It’s too bad AD doesn’t wear the live camera during games. Ever wondered what a defensive back looks like when he’s about to get run over by a steamroller?

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