Mark Sanchez Now Sporting Fu Manchu Mustache in Addition to Headband, Still Looks Ridiculous (Photos)


On Saturday, the New York Jets played a team actually worse than them, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and won handily 37-13. Quarterback Mark Sanchez had a serviceable day, too, going 13-for-23 with a touchdown and an interception.

But was it really Sanchez out there — or Bizarro Mark Sanchez?

Earlier this offseason, Sanchez made waves with his fashion sense when he was spotted sporting a soccer-style headband. Well, Sanchez is still sporting the headband, but he’s added a new facial wrinkle to his look: a Fu Manchu-style mustache that makes him look like an evil imposter of himself. Sanchez unveiled the new facial hair Saturday, and it is, indeed, pretty ridiculous.

Check out Sanchez being Sanchez in the photos below.

Mark Sanchez 2

Photo via Twitter/@Deadspin

Mark Sanchez 3

Photo via Twitter/@BrianCoz

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