MLS’ Vancouver Whitecaps Take Shot at Canucks on Twitter for Seemingly No Reason


If there’s any group of sports fans that have a worse inferiority complex than NHL fans, it’s obviously MLS fans. It makes sense that both groups of fans — both of which are extremely devoted — feel a little bit jaded. When it comes to popularity of major sports in America, these two are on the outside looking in.

What happens, though, when you pit soccer fans against hockey fans? Well, we have found out, thanks to the city of Vancouver.

If you do a little bit of Internet digging (read the comments), you’ll find that there are plenty of fans of the MLS’ Vancouver Whitecaps who obviously feel that the Canucks get the most of the city’s love. This makes sense, of course, considering it’s hockey in Canada. Duh. Even so, Whitecaps fans appear pretty jaded, and there have been plenty of instances with those fans trying to prove that they’re the better fans. That’s a stupid argument because who cares, but that’s besides the point.

Anyway, the team is getting in on the fun now, too. Things started simply enough Wednesday when the Canucks tweeted a picture of the speakers in their home, Rogers Arena. That’s where things got catty. The Whitecats responded by tweeting a picture of their fans screaming and yelling after some sort of soccer play. [tweet align=’center’]

Well, that seems a little unwarranted, no? As of Thursday morning, there was no response from the Canucks on the Twitter machine.

Congratulations to the Vancouver Whitecaps, though, for making the Canucks seem like a borderline sympathetic figure in this ridiculously petty Twitter beef.

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