Red SoxAs America’s favorite pastime, baseball has seen a lot of history. This holds true for one of its oldest franchises, the Boston Red Sox.

Founded at the turn of the 20th century, the Red Sox were a charter team for the American League. They played their games at Huntington Avenue Grounds until 1912.

As the United States has changed throughout history, so have the Red Sox’ uniforms. The original uniforms were blue, pinstriped and had lace-up collars. The Red Sox have since redesigned their uniforms many times. In 1945, the Red Sox moved on to the uniform that most closely resembles today’s: white home jerseys with “Red Sox” in red stitching and red piping, as well as road uniforms with “Boston” across the chest and blue caps with a red B.

The Red Sox have also occasionally changed their jerseys for special occasions. They wear alternate green jerseys most often, honoring Celtics legend Red Auerbach, welcoming the 2008 NBA champions to Fenway Park and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. The Red Sox have also added a “B Strong” patch to their home jerseys following the Boston Marathon bombings.

And as far as the Red Sox’ socks go, players can either wear red socks or go with long pants. Perhaps after Manny Ramirez’ pajama pants, the Red Sox are just glad to have players show up to work appropriately dressed.

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