Jonathan Villar already provided us with the most Astros-esque moment of the 2013 season when he barreled face-first into Brandon Phillips‘ backside last week.

The shortstop’s latest gaffe wasn’t quite as embarrassing, but it still left the one or two Houston fans watching Tuesday night’s game scratching their heads.

During an at-bat against Texas’ Yu Darvish in the fifth inning, the speedy Villar attempted to bunt for a hit. It wasn’t a bad idea, especially against a dominant arm like Darvish, but his execution failed miserably. In order to get a head start toward first base, Villar attempted to throw his bat at the ball while simultaneously turning and sprinting out of the batter’s box.

This is the second time Villar has tried this stunt this season, and his barrel missed Darvish’s pitch by a mile. He went on to strike out swinging — his first of three K’s in an 0-for-5 night from the leadoff spot — and the Astros stumbled to their 11th consecutive loss.

Check out Villar’s blunder in GIF form below, courtesy of Cut4.

jonathan villar