The Flyers beat the Maple Leafs 3-2 on Monday, but it was an Air Canada Centre security agent who earned the big W of the night.

Philadelphia Flyers forward Scott Hartnell wasn’t playing in the preseason game, but he almost didn’t even get to see his team take on Toronto after an ACC employee was hesitant to let him in. Sporting a spiffy suit and with his curly locks pulled back in a ponytail, Hartnell attempted to waltz right through the gates, but his ego was quickly checked — along with his identity. The agent stopped Hartnell at the gates and he explained who he was, but once the namedrop wasn’t received, he was forced to pull out some identification to get past the stiff security.

“Why you gotta embarrass me like this on camera?” Hartnell half-jokingly asked the security guard after she asked for proper identification.

Sportsnet cameras followed the Flyer into the building and captured the humbling moment, which can be seen below.