Postgame Handshakes After High School Sports Games Banned in Kentucky

by abournenesn

Oct 9, 2013

kentucky copySportsmanship is an important part of high school athletics, but in Kentucky, shaking your opponent’s hand after a game is now frowned upon.

The state’s high school athletics association issued a statement on Tuesday prohibiting all post-game handshake lines in sports such as football, soccer and baseball, among others.

The decision was made because of recent fights and altercations that have occurred following high school sporting events.

“While it is an obvious sign of sportsmanship and civility, many incidents have occurred both in Kentucky (more than two dozen in the last three years in Kentucky alone) and throughout the country, where fights and physical conflicts have broken out,” the statement said. “And this is not restricted to specific sports. In our state alone, incidents in soccer, football and volleyball have occurred this fall… It is disappointing that this action has become necessary, but enough incidents have occurred both in our state and in others, that the necessity has arrived.”

It’s quite sad that something as simple as shaking hands, which is a genuine sign of respect for your opponent, is considered taboo in the Bluegrass state. When 20 or more kids who just played an intense playoff game are shaking hands, there could be a few issues because the emotion levels are high, but it’s important to teach kids the value of showing class after victories and defeats.

That process starts with a simple handshake.

Photo via Facebook/KHSAA

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