Brookline Man Raises $2,500 to Compensate Owner of Car Flipped During World Series Celebration


CarflippedChad Duncan was one unlucky man Wednesday night.

Though the celebration following the Red Sox’ World Series-clinching over the Cardinals was largely a peaceful one — with only nine arrests reported in the city — one group of particularly rowdy decided to flip Duncan’s black Toyota Corolla, parked on Boylston Street.

The car was totaled, leaving the 28-year-old Oregon native with an estimated $2,500 in insurance and lease fees, he told the Boston Globe.

“I don’t know why they chose my car,” Duncan told the Globe on Thursday. “I guess it’s pretty light.

“It’s very confusing. The only car flipped in the whole city.”

Video of the incident quickly went viral online, and luckily for Duncan, one fellow Bostonian then decided to lend.

A man identifying himself as Bobby O’Neill of Brookline, Mass., started a fundraising campaign on the website in an effort to help Duncan pay for the bills he’s now saddled with.

“Chad Duncan’s car got absolutely wrecked by a bunch of jamokes who took a celebration and turned it into their own idiotic demolition derby,” O’Neill, who says he’s never met Duncan, wrote on the fundraising page. “… That is stupid. Boston’s better than that. Especially after this year, no one who truly loves the city of Boston should ever engage in willful wanton destruction. Let’s band together and help Chad pay for what these idiots did. He shouldn’t have to.”

O’Neill set the goal for the campaign at $2,500, but as of 2 p.m. Friday, over $3,300 had been raised. He writes that the plan is for any additional donations beyond the target amount to go to The One Fund.

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