Jacoby Ellsbury Called ‘The Ellsbury Dough Boy’ by New York Tabloids After Signing Huge Contract With Yankees (Photo)


Like Johnny Damon’s before him, Jacoby Ellsbury’s defection to New York is going to be fun.

Even more fun, though, could be seeing who’s going to win the headline war.

After Ellsbury reportedly signed with the Yankees for seven years and $153 million Tuesday, a common opinion was that Ellsbury looked only at the bottom line in his free-agent decision. That, coupled with Ellsbury’s pun-worthy name, prompted a headline that was too good to be true for the local tabloids — so good that the New York Daily News and New York Post both picked the same words to note the momentous deal.

Damon says the signing puts the injury-laden Yankees right back in contention. Others wonder how many years it will take until Ellsbury’s speed will lag behind his $20 million-plus a season. But everyone is talking about the money and the fact that Ellsbury left the team he came up with and won two titles with to trim his chin hairs and put on pinstripes. And everyone is loving this headline.

Check out the local papers’ take in the photo below.

Jacoby Ellsbury

Photo via Twitter/@FeinsandNYDN

New York Post

Photo via Twitter/jonathanwald

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