Tuukka RaskTuukka Rask received a big ol’ contract last summer, making him a very, very rich man. While plenty of people will debate if the Bruins should have given the goalie such a long deal, Rask certainly is making it look good in the early stages.

Rask has been fantastic this season, ranking third in the NHL with a 1.87 goals-against average, and that’s important considering what’s happened all around him. The Bruins have been hit with an ever-growing number of injuries, but Rask has kept them in games they’ve had no business being in.

That’s good news for the Bruins for obvious reasons, and it could mean even more down the road. The Bruins likely will get healthy at some point, and when they do, they’ll most likely be in a very favorable position in the Atlantic Division and the Eastern Conference, and they’ll have Rask to thank for that.

While Rask’s play might be the biggest reason the Bruins have been so successful, it’s not the only one. NESN.com NHL editor Mike Cole and NESN.com assistant editor Nicholas Goss discussed why the B’s are winning in the first Bruins/NHL edition of the NESN.com podcast this season.

Hear them discuss that and more in the podcast below.