Jared Lorenzen On ‘Hefty Lefty,’ Other Nicknames: ‘I Absolutely Love Them’


jared lorenzenThe Abominable Throwman. The Round Mound of Touchdown. The Hefty Lefty.

The majority of Jared Lorenzen’s various nicknames have to do with his weight — not particularly surprising for a quarterback who now weighs in at upward of 320 pounds. Being called “hefty” and “round” might be unappealing to some folks, but Lorenzen, the former University of Kentucky star and New York Giants backup, says he has zero problem with it.

“I love them. I absolutely love them,” the 32-year-old said of his nicknames Tuesday on The Jim Rome Show. “I was listening to some of your other ones [like] The Abominable Throwman. All of these, I love them. I was given them in college, and there were websites dedicated to these things.”

Lorenzen’s NFL career came to an end in 2008, but he did not leave the gridiron behind. After stints with various semiprofessional teams, the big-bodied passer now suits up for the Northern Kentucky River Monsters of the Continental Indoor Football League.

Lorenzen returned to the national spotlight after clips from a River Monsters game were posted on the blog Barstool Sports on Monday. He surprised viewers by displaying some impressive maneuverability and footwork in the pocket, but Lorenzen said there was one thing he would have changed if he knew the game would be seen by so many people.

“It was really fun, I had a great time,” he said. “Trust me, man, if I knew all of this was going to come, because I look god-awful in white, I probably would have changed my colors.”

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