A special birthday usually calls for a special celebration. A special celebration, naturally, should have a 400-pound cake.

The Chicago Cubs honored the 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field in a big way on Wednesday, as The Cake Boss and his team of bakers from Carlos’ Bakery in New Jersey created a massive replica of the beloved ballpark.

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As the above picture shows, the cake’s creators went through amazing detail to create a remarkably accurate replica of Wrigley Field. That detail came at a price, though, as it took four people and six days to complete the four-foot by five-foot treat.

The massive creation was, well, icing on the cake during a day of celebration for the Cubs, whose grand tribute to their stadium’s 100th birthday included throwback uniforms, a replica jersey giveaway and a pregame performance from the Northwestern University marching band.

Check out more photos of tasty tribute below.

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