If you want to be a successful receiver in college or the NFL, you have to do more than just catch the football. You have to make defenders miss when the ball is in your hands.

It’s safe to say that Emmanuel Greene has that part down.

Greene is a rising sophomore wide receiver at Coconut Creek High School and attended a football camp led by University of Miami coach Al Golden over the weekend. The camp featured some 7-on-7 action, which gave Greene the opportunity to absolutely embarrass several defenders with a series of filthy jukes.


Sure, Greene is holding the ball like a loaf of bread and would probably get clocked if he tried to do this in an actual game. It’s the summertime, though, which means that players like Greene can steal the show and have┬ácollege coaches drooling over their freakish agility.

Perhaps most impressive is the fact that Greene is just 15 years old and still has three years of high school left. Opponents, start taping your ankles.

h/t Bob’s Blitz