Timberwolves ‘Playing A Game’ With Kevin Love Trade Rumors


Oklahoma City Thunder v Minnesota TimberwolvesRemember when we told you Wednesday that if you were discouraged by the news of the Boston Celtics’ offer for Kevin Love falling short of what the Minnesota Timberwolves wanted, you just had to wait a day for the news to get cheerier again?

Welcome to Thursday.

ESPN.com draft insider Chad Ford, in a quote transcribed by CelticsBlog’s Kevin O’Connor, pretty much repeated his assertion from earlier this week that the Celtics have the strongest offer for Love. The Wolves are not going to get “equal” value for Love, Ford said, but the Celtics’ combination of young, inexpensive players and draft picks might be the best on the table.

Ford also added this (again, via CelticsBlog):

“Talking to people in Minnesota, I think they’re playing a game right now: They’re telling some teams no, what we want is established players, we want to win right now; they’re telling other teams what we want (is) draft picks and future guys.”

In other words, don’t pay too much attention to one story about the fluid Love situation. It’s all part of the broader game all teams play this time of year. Until Love actually appears at a press conference at some new locale, as Kevin Garnett said, “Anything is possibllllllllle.”

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