Rory BallThe golf ball Rory McIlroy threw into the gallery after winning the Open Championship has found its way onto the auction market.

Green Jacket Auctions used Twitter to track down Englishman Lee Horner, the man who caught the ball when McIlroy threw it into the crowd at the 18th hole of the final round.

Horner, 49, emerged with the ball after it hit his hand and he picked it up off the ground in a little scrum.

Rather than taking an initial offer of $10,000, Horner consigned the ball to the golf auction house and will instead receive 15 percent of the winning bid.

According to Green Jacket Auctions, tournament-used golf balls are rare to see on the market and they expect to see some big bids.

As of Monday night, the bidding has exceeded $5,000.

Photo via Green Jacket Auctions