Kyrie Irving, Jameer Nelson, Kyle O'QuinnKyrie Irving is just as excited about LeBron James’ return to the Cleveland Cavaliers as anyone in the state of Ohio.

Irving spoke at his basketball camp on Saturday at Independence (Ohio) High School, just weeks after agreeing to a new 5-year, $90 million deal with Cleveland.

“It’s an exciting time, I can tell you that,” Irving said, according to Fox Sports Ohio. “Everything is happening.”

James announced he was returning to Cleveland via Sports Illustrated just one day after Irving’s deal was finalized.

“I was excited,” Irving said. “You have to empathize with the guy. I think we all felt his emotions with his essay. … I found out like everyone else found out.”

Irving says he’s glad he signed a maximum contract to stay with the Cavaliers long-term, and James’ announcement made the situation even better.

“I’m glad we got it done,” Irving said. “A couple days later, a guy decided to come back to Cleveland. The rest is history. Now, we’ll let (general manager) David Griffin do his thing.”

Cleveland could also be close to making another major move, as rumors are that the Cavaliers are reportedly in talks with the Minnesota Timberwolves to acquire All-Star forward Kevin Love.

Irving refrained from commenting on that situation specifically.

“This whole free-agent period has been a whirlwind, so many rumors, so many guys with inside sources,” Irving said. “Until it happens and I get a call from our GM … Other than that, I haven’t considered it.”