Luigi Some Boston Red Sox fans might actually be convinced that there is such a thing as a good New York Yankees fan after a supporter of the Bronx Bombers recovered and returned a lost 2013 World Series ring to Lowell Spinners owner Drew Weber.

Weber, who was dining at Luke’s Bar and Grill in Manhattan on Thursday night, left his ring in the bathroom of the restaurant where it was recovered by the bar’s owner, Luigi Militello.

Militello then received a call after midnight from Weber asking if he had the ring. The two arranged to meet, and the Red Sox executive got his shiny ring back.

Of course, being a Yankees fan, Militello didn’t let Weber off the hook so easily.

“This being Yankees-Red Sox, I started razzing him. I told him he wasn’t getting it so easily. I was playing with him, a lot,” Militello told The Associated Press.

The restaurant owner refused to take money from Weber and instead asked the minor league owner to call into a Boston radio show and talk smack about the Red Sox. Obviously, Weber did not acquiesce.

Being a good Samaritan did have its benefits for Militello, who landed tickets to Derek Jeter’s last regular-season game of his career at Fenway Park on September 28.

”Going for his send-off, that’s pretty great,” Militello said.

Photo via Luigi Militello