Niklas Hjalmarsson Feels Full Pain Of Huge Zdeno Chara Slapshot (Video)

We know an NHL player’s job description includes blocking shots. But Niklas Hjalmarsson really should have just gotten out of the way.

The Chicago Blackhawks defenseman was in rather unfortunate position Sunday when Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara wound up for a monster slap shot from the top of the circle. Chara let loose, and Hjalmarsson paid the full price.

Yeah, that didn’t look fun.

Now would be a good time to remind you that Chara set an NHL record during the 2012 All-Star Game’s skills competition with a slap shot that registered at 108.8 miles per hour. That’s really fast.

Hjalmarsson somehow managed to get up and skate off the ice afterwards, and he deserves some sort of medal for that. As for the rest of his team? Not so much. The Blackhawks surrendered four second-period goals en route to a 6-2 loss.

h/t to Barstool Sports