Two famous Boston Red Sox fans are doing everything they can to make a movie about the New York Yankees.

That may sound a bit strange, as actor/filmmakers Ben Affleck and Matt Damon — who both grew up near Boston — are among the Red Sox’s most ardent supporters. Yet the two still have plans to produce a movie based on a 1973 incident in which two Yankees players swapped wives, according to the New York Post.

The story would revolve around the true tale of pitchers Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson, who revealed before the 1973 season that they’d be switching wives after they fell for the opposite significant other (Susanne Kekich and Marilyn Peterson).

The bold move worked out for one pair, as Fritz and Susanne still are together 40 years later and even re-married. Yet things didn’t go as well for Mike and Marilyn. The two split up shortly after the swap, and Kekich has said of Peterson that he’d “like to kill him.”

Kekich reportedly was “determined not to cooperate” with the making of the movie, but the project still is moving along at Warner Bros. under “Austin Powers” director Jay Roach, according to the Post.

The Post added that Affleck and Damon initially wanted to star in the film as the two Yankees pitchers, but now will just produce. Seeing as Affleck wouldn’t even wear a Yankees hat during the filming of “Gone Girl,” that’s probably a good call.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@BDCWire