A potentially scary situation was avoided Tuesday night, thanks in part to some of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

A nasty storm quickly descended on Pittsburgh, causing a delay in the Pirates’ game with the San Diego Padres. Umpires quickly ordered the tarp be pulled as heavy, swirling winds and rain invaded PNC Park.

The grounds crew rapidly moved into action, and as that happened, things got real hairy. The wind caused the field tarp to start swirling before the crew could roll it out, and one unfortunate member of the grounds crew was caught inside the swirling tarp. Like a wave at sea, the tarp gathered him up and threw him to the ground.

Several members of the Pirates — including All-Star outfielder Andrew McCutchen — were watching as everything went down. McCutchen and his teammates quickly jumped in to help after seeing the tarp take out the man. Even after the guy was safely rescued, Pirates players helped stabilize the tarp.

Lending the helping hand gave the Pirates some good baseball karma, as they ended up winning the eventually resumed game 3-2.