The biggest crossover in the history of the WWE is happening thanks to an epic showdown between WWE’s resident psychopath Stardust and star of TV’s “Arrow” Stephen Amell.

An Amell-Stadust feud has been ongoing for several months, but things finally came to a head on “Monday Night RAW” in Washington.

With Amell watching ringside as a spectator, Stardust interrupted a match between Neville — aka the Red Arrow — and King Barrett. Stardust also has feuded with Neville for months, continuously beating on him because he is unable to “be a hero.”

After interrupting Neville’s fight, Stardust turned his attention to Amell with another epic stare down between the two before shoving Amell in the face and retreating to the stage.

Let’s just say Amell didn’t take kindly to the greeting.

Was that J.J. Watt? Sign him up, coach.

Amell was escorted backstage by security, where he was scolded by WWE COO and 14-time champion Triple H for jumping into the ring as a guest. Triple H told Amell he would deal with Stardust for his actions, but Amell wasn’t having it.

The SummerSlam tag match team up is a particularly awesome moment for comic book fans, as the Green Arrow’s sidekick is the Red Arrow, Roy Harper. Throw in that Stardust and King Barrett both draw parallels to different villains in the DC universe, and this is a match made in Heaven.

After Monday’s events, it should be one heck of a show on Aug. 23.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@cagesideseats