Get your winter jackets ready, baseball fans. The door officially is open for a “Mr. November” to steal the show during the Major League Baseball playoffs.

MLB released its 2015 postseason schedule Monday, and November playoff baseball could return for the first time since 2010.

The postseason will begin with the American League Wild Card Game on Tuesday Oct. 6, followed by the National Wild Card Game on Wednesday, Oct. 7. The World Series will begin Tuesday, Oct. 27, and unless there’s a four-game sweep, Game 5 is pinned for Nov. 1.

You heard that correctly. Baseball in November.

Monday, Oct. 5: Any necessary one-game playoffs to reach postseason
Tuesday, Oct. 6: AL Wild Card Game (TV: ESPN)
Wednesday, Oct. 7: NL Wild Card Game (TV: TBS)

Game 1: Thursday, Oct. 8 (TV: FOX, FS1 or MLBN)
Game 2: Friday, Oct. 9 (TV: FOX, FS1 or MLBN)
Game 3: Sunday, Oct. 11 (TV: FOX, FS1 or MLBN)
Game 4: Monday, Oct. 12 (TV: FOX or FS1)
Game 5: Wednesday, Oct. 14 (TV: FOX or FS1)

Game 1: Friday, Oct. 9 (TV: TBS)
Game 2: Saturday, Oct. 10 (TV: TBS)
Game 3: Monday, Oct. 12 (TV: TBS)
Game 4: Tuesday, Oct. 13 (TV: TBS)
Game 5: Thursday, Oct. 15 (TV: TBS)

Game 1: Friday, Oct. 16 (TV: FOX or FS1)
Game 2: Saturday, Oct. 17 (TV: FOX or FS1)
Game 3: Monday, Oct. 19 (TV: FOX or FS1)
Game 4: Tuesday, Oct. 20 (TV: FOX or FS1)
Game 5: Wednesday, Oct. 21 (TV: FOX or FS1)
Game 6: Friday, Oct. 23 (TV: FOX or FS1)
Game 7: Saturday, Oct. 24 (TV: FOX or FS1)

Game 1: Saturday, Oct. 17 (TV: TBS)
Game 2: Sunday, Oct. 18 (TV: TBS)
Game 3: Tuesday, Oct. 20 (TV: TBS)
Game 4: Wednesday, Oct. 21 (TV: TBS)
Game 5: Thursday, Oct. 22 (TV: TBS)
Game 6: Saturday, Oct. 24 (TV: TBS)
Game 7: Sunday, Oct. 25 (TV: TBS)

World Series
Game 1: Tuesday, Oct. 27 (TV: FOX)
Game 2: Wednesday, Oct. 28 (TV: FOX)
Game 3: Friday, Oct. 30 (TV: FOX)
Game 4: Saturday, Oct. 31 (TV: FOX)
Game 5: Sunday, Nov. 1 (TV: FOX)
Game 6: Tuesday, Nov. 3 (TV: FOX)
Game 7: Wednesday, Nov. 4 (TV: FOX)

Thumbnail photo via Christopher Hanewinckel/USA TODAY Sports Images