Tedy Bruschi Rips Colts’ ‘Comical’ Fake Punt Attempt Against Patriots


Tedy Bruschi is just like everyone else.

Bruschi, now an NFL analyst for ESPN, was left scratching his head Sunday night after the Indianapolis Colts completely botched a fake punt attempt in their 34-27 loss to the New England Patriots at Lucas Oil Stadium. In fact, the former Patriots linebacker found the mishap to be quite funny.

?That is a joke of a play, and I can?t believe they would put that kind of play out there to even just force a timeout, get 12 men on the field,” Bruschi said Monday on WEEI’s “Dale and Holley” of the failed attempt at trickery. “I heard (Colts head coach Chuck) Pagano (on Sunday night). I think that is a testament to the (Colts) coaching staff on how poor of a job they did on one particular play. It was just comical in my opinion.?

Comical. Hilarious. Dumb. Horrible. Choose your adjective when it comes to Sunday’s gaffe. It quite possibly was one of the worst plays in NFL history. And the Colts have been torn to shreds because of it.

Bruschi said Monday he actually has seen similar fake punts before, though none of the previous attempts were “that much of a debacle.” He went over such plays sparingly with the Patriots, but most of his exposure to the swinging gate formation came during his college days at the University of Arizona.

Nevertheless, Bruschi, like the rest of the world, wasn’t impressed by what he saw Sunday from the Colts. As far as the three-time Super Bowl champion is concerned, that’s the coaching staff’s fault.

?The call from the official gave me a chuckle when he signaled illegal formation and he said, ?The whole right side of the line was not on the line of scrimmage.? The whole right side,” Bruschi said. “I don?t know what these coaches are doing.”

Neither do we, Tedy. Neither do we.

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