Pro wrestling legend Sting suffered a nasty neck injury the last time he entered the squared circle, but he’s lucky it wasn’t a lot worse.

Sting, aka Steve Borden, suffered a neck injury in a match with Seth Rollins at WWE pay-per-view event “Night of Champions.” The injury came as Rollins power-bombed Sting on the turnbuckle twice. The results were evident almost immediately, with Sting barely able to stand.

Sting openly discussed the injury in an appearance on Ric Flair’s podcast and was sure to take the blame for it.

“Yeah, there was just no strength (in his legs),” Sting told Flair, per Cageside Seats. “The power in my legs was just kind of going away and I felt like I didn’t have control over them, and I didn’t. I had a temporary paralysis. For a few minutes I thought, ‘I don’t think I can continue, I think I’m done. But I can’t do this, the stakes are so high, and I can’t do this to Seth.’ Anyway, then the crowd starts chanting and everything else. Somehow or another it just kind of came back enough where, ‘OK, I can do another minute or two here and get out of this thing.’ ”

Sting finished the match, and it was revealed not long after that he suffered the neck injury. He revealed to Flair that he’ll need a surgery.

“The dust only in the last couple weeks has kind of started to settle a little bit for me, just trying to get so much done in life but now it’s time to go get this thing taken care of,” Sting said. “No, I’m hoping (they don’t have to do a fusion surgery). I know that’s one of the techniques that they use and I’m not sure if Dr. Maroon will have to do that or not. I’ve got two spots in my neck that are troublesome. I guess it’s called cervical spinal stenosis. That’s what it is. I have two areas in my neck where the spinal canal, which holds the spinal cord, it’s kind of choked off in two different locations.”

As you might imagine, especially when dealing a 56-year-old being dropped on his neck, it could have been a lot worse. Sting admitted to Flair he’s “lucky that a catastrophe didn’t happen that night.”

It’s unclear what Sting’s future with the company is at this point. Many believed he’d have at least one more run, maybe with a WrestleMania 32 match in April, but that’s out of the picture at this point. It’s obviously uncertain whether Sting will even wrestle again after suffering this injury.

H/t to Cageside Seats
Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@WWEUniverse