Most people buy pickup trucks because they have something heavy, such as a trailer or a camper, that they need to tow around. If a new truck costs too much, though, you could always invest in a legion of toy trucks to get the job done.

In a video uploaded Monday to Toyota UK’s YouTube page, 15 Tamiya Bruise remote controlled trucks manage to pull a 2017 Toyota Hilux pickup. The results are pretty hard to believe, but are legitimate nonetheless.

While the Bruisers make for a pretty good team, we’re equally impressed by the group of people controlling the toy trucks all at once.

Each bruiser, weighing just seven pounds, has the ability to create 4.4 pounds of pulling force, according to MotorTrend. Additionally, the testers at Toyota placed weights in the cab of each Bruiser to increase traction.

So, next time you’re stuck in a ditch and don’t feel like paying for a towing company, just head over to your nearest toy store and call 15 of your best friends.