Most race fans probably never will get the chance to drive a single-seater race car, especially an all-electric Formula E racer, of which there are only around 50 in the whole world. Ellen DeGeneres is no ordinary race fan, however.

She had actor Luke Evans on her show Monday, and though he was there to promote his new movie “Beauty and the Beast,” that wasn’t all they talked about. DeGeneres also wanted to hear about Evans’ experience driving a FE car around the Battersea Park circuit in London ahead of the Season 2 finale in July.

Although Evans might have exaggerated the speed of an FE racer by comparing it to a Formula One car, he and DeGeneres are both huge car enthusiasts; he played the villain, Owen Shaw, in “Furious 7,” and she had three-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in October.

FE clearly is aware of the talk show host’s passion for fast cars, as it invited DeGeneres to drive the Spark-Renault SRT_01E show car when the series takes to the streets of New York in July.

If she does take FE up on its offer, we hope she makes the test drive a segment on her show. Hearing a comedian’s opinion of a single-seater while they’re driving it definitely would make for an interesting car review.

Thumbnail photo via Formula E