Consumers’ Interest In Electric Vehicles Nearing Same Level As Pickups


Low gas prices have helped make large vehicles, such as trucks and SUVS, more affordable for motorists. Despite this, interest in electric vehicles appears to be on the rise.

In a study published Tuesday, AAA found that about 15 percent of Americans are likely to purchase an electric vehicle as their next car, with hybrids, SUVs and pickups accounting for 32, 26 and 16 percent, respectively. The interest in EVs remains unchanged since 2012, despite gas prices being 40 percent lower than they were five years ago.

“With their lower ownership costs and compatibility with emerging autonomous technologies, electric vehicles are poised to be a key vehicle of the future,” AAA director of automotive engineering Greg Brannon said in a statement. “Tesla — a standout in AAA’s evaluations — has helped widen the appeal of electric vehicles by showing they can be stylish, performance-focused and filled with cutting-edge technology.”

Although vehicles such as Teslas are both stylish and loaded with technology, consumers seem to be prioritizing concerns for both the environment and their bank accounts.

The study found of the Americans who said they would buy an EV, 87 percent would do so out of concern for the environment, followed by lower long-term costs at 62 percent. Wanting cutting-edge technology came in third at 52 percent.

Personally, we find data like this particularly noteworthy given the scarce amount of affordable EVs currently on the market.

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