Finally, Uber has a place to put all its baggage.

Okay, it might not help the company relocate its ever-growing pile of public-relations disasters, but there is a long-haul semi on the road that seems to belong to Uber.

Revealed in a picture tweeted by CEO Travis Kalanick on Sunday, the truck appears be part of Uber Freight, the company’s long-planned but still-mysterious trucking service. Uber has planned on entering the trucking business since acquiring Otto in 2016, but little-to-no additional information has been made available since the acquisition became part a legal dispute with Waymo.

There have been plenty of reasons to doubt Uber’s ability to get such a project up and going, but clearly the service is alive in some capacity.

Whether Uber wants these trucks to be fully self-driving — or capable of flight — remains to be seen, but it’s probably safe to assume the service will involve some level of autonomous driving functionality.