On-Board Video Of McLaren’s Goodwood Record Looks Like Its On Fast-Forward


The organizers of the Goodwood Festival of Speed finally released the on-board footage Saturday from McLaren’s record-setting run at last year’s event. Though, we’re still not entirely convinced they didn’t swap it out for a video of the Millennium Falcon making the jump to hyperspace.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the FOS, it’s a three-day event within the grounds of the Goodwood House in West Sussex, England. The festival’s staple is a 1.16-mile hill climb course — essentially a long, winding driveway — which most major manufacturers send their new products up to showcase them before they go on sale.

In 2016, McLaren set a new course record with the P1 GTR LM, a road-legal version of its 986-horsepower P1 GTR, which is the track-only version of the standard P1 hypercar. As the GTR LM’s sprint time of 47.07-second suggests, it’s something of a beast, so driver Kenny Brack had to manhandle it the whole way up the hill.

Unlike actual race tracks, Goodwood doesn’t have much in the way of safety — unless you count those bales of hay — so Brack’s lap is deeply impressive. With the GTR LM on-edge for the entire run on such a tight road, all it would have taken was one small lapse in concentration for him to drop a wheel and stuff it.

Thumbnail photo via McLaren

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