NASCAR Apparently Is Inspiration For Latest Trends In Men’s Fashion


There’s a new fashion trend emerging, and it should make NASCAR fans very happy.

In an article for GQ posted Tuesday, Jake Woolf explained how NASCAR’s tried and true style of bold colors, big logos and flashy pants mirror the men’s clothing trends of today.

Per Woolf:

“When it comes to Nascar, the bold color schemes and logos feel genuine, authentic, and fresh because of their anti-design look, something brands like Vetements have capitalized on since their inception. We’re living in an age when everything bad is good (see: big suits and dirty/chunky sneakers), and right now it’s Nascar’s turn to represent the worst — and thus the best — fashion has to offer.”

So, if you’ve been rocking a NASCAR pit crew jacket or firesuit for a while but were somewhat embarrassed based on the looks you were getting — don’t be. You’re just at the edge of a new trend.

Thumbnail photo via Matthew O’Haren/USA TODAY Sports Images

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