Even In ‘F1 2017’ Trailer, Fernando Alonso’s McLaren-Honda Breaks Down


Every upcoming racing game’s developer seemingly is finding its own unique way to push the boundaries in terms of realism. But Codemasters’ method might be the most hilarious yet.

The U.K.-based developer posted a trailer for “F1 2017” on Thursday that highlights its career mode. Codemasters says the mode has various new features, including enhanced car management and reliability.

In “F1 2017,” players will need to track all six of their power unit components throughout the entire season to avoid incurring grid penalties. To showcase this in the new trailer, Codemasters naturally showed Fernando Alonso suffering a blown Honda engine.

Although the video was focused on career mode, “F1 2017” creative director Lee Mather said it also included shots of classic race cars from different eras on track at the same time. Mather claims that many fans asked if this was possible after Codemasters released the first gameplay trailer May 17.

Considering a McLaren-Honda engineer revealed that Alonso enjoys racing online when he’s away from the track, the announcement of the new feature likely was disheartening for him. The Spaniard already suffered an engine failure when he raced in the Indianapolis 500, but now he can’t even escape his poor reliability when he’s racing from the comfort of his own home.

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