Mastermind Kyrie Irving Was Just Trolling You With His Flat Earth Theory


We have bad news for the American public: You just got played.

It’s pretty well-known Kyrie Irving believes the earth is flat — he insisted as much back in February and repeatedly has stood by the incorrect theory, even convincing others to join his cause.

Well, it turns out Irving was just trolling all of us — or so he claims. In an interview with 98.5 The Sports Hub’s “Toucher & Rich” at the Boston Celtics’ media day that aired Tuesday morning, the new Celtics guard attempted to clear the air with a pretty bizarre explanation of his flat earth theory.

“It was all an exploitation tactic,” Irving. “All it did was, it literally (spun) the world — your guys’ world — into a frenzy. And it proved exactly what I thought it would do in terms of how all this works. It created a division, or literally, like, stand up there and let all these people throw tomatoes at me or have somebody think that I’m somehow this different intellectual person because I believe that the world is flat and you think the world is round.

“It created exactly that. It did exactly that, to where it became, like, because I think different, does that ever knock my intellectual capacity? Or the fact that I can think different things than you can?”

So, is Irving saying he’s some mastermind intellectual making a statement about the modern news cycle, with the public as his “art” and the flat earth as his canvas? Well, apparently.

“Absolutely. That was the intent behind it,” Irving said. “Like, do your own research. Don’t come to me and ask me, ‘Do you think the earth is flat?’ I was just like, ‘Bro, at the end the of the day, you’re gonna feel and believe what you wanna feel, but don’t knock my life over here.”

Of course, it’s possible Irving actually thought (still thinks?) the earth is flat and just is trying to cover his tracks here. At least Jaylen Brown isn’t fooled.

Thumbnail photo via Greg M. Cooper/USA TODAY Sports Images

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