Charlie Coyle Shares Memories From Watching Bruins Win 2011 Stanley Cup

There’s a chance you already know Charlie Coyle is from Weymouth, Mass.

The center has become a fan favorite (and No. 1 in David Pastrnak’s heart), proving to be a key mid-season acquisition for the Boston Bruins, who obtained Coyle at the trade deadline. The 27-year-old has been one of the team’s best players throughout the postseason.

Growing up on the South Shore, Coyle came up a Bruins fan, and he was 19 years old when the B’s brought home their first Stanley Cup in 37 years in 2011 after topping the Vancouver Canucks in seven games. And he remembers the night quite well.

“I remember where I was watching. I was over at my buddy’s house watching. Then I went to another friend’s house after that, after they won,” Coyle told reporters Tuesday. “I was back in Weymouth, even there, the town, horns are honking down the road and people are out of their house. It was cool to see. I remember it very well.”

But Coyle said he tried to keep his cool over the win, considering he was a San Jose Sharks draft pick at the time.

“It was a weird time for me. I was drafted, I was with San Jose then I think. But I was still a Bruins fan, so I think inside I was pretty happy. And everyone I was around, my family, friends — they’re all diehards. So, I was trying to play it kind of cool, but I was pretty excited to see the Bruins take it.”

Needless to say, Coyle will not have to contain his excitement if the Bruins win it all this time around.