Stephen A. Smith believes Philip Rivers should stay in his lane.

Rivers generated headlines last week when he danced around calling Tom Brady the greatest quarterback of all time. Brady, of course, has more Super Bowl wins than any other signal-caller in NFL history, but Rivers believes the debate shouldn’t be based entirely on championship victories.

In Rivers’ defense, he never actually denied Brady is the greatest QB who’s ever played. Still, Smith couldn’t help but scoff at the Los Angeles Chargers star’s comments.

“This is the bottom line: Tom Brady is 207-60 as a regular-season quarterback. His record is 30-10 in the postseason, OK? You’re talking about a completion percentage that pretty much stays the same from the regular season to the postseason,” Smith said Wednesday on ESPN’s “First Take.” “Philip Rivers, with all due respect, I don’t wanna hear a damn word from you. You’re 5-6 in the postseason. You’ve never played in a Super Bowl once. It’s one thing for a pundit or commentator to say something about Tom Brady in comparison to others. But you, Philip Rivers? While you’re still playing, be quiet. I respect Philip Rivers, but damn it, no. You can’t be talking about Tom Brady.”

Rivers actually made somewhat of a fair point, as Brady’s Super Bowl record — and in turn, his status among the best of all time — could be different had a few bounces gone the other way on the championship stage. But if one of Brady’s staunchest doubters in Max Kellerman is acknowledging TB12 as the GOAT, Rivers should be able to as well.

Thumbnail photo via David Butler II/USA TODAY Sports Images